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First of all . I’d like to let you know who am I? I’m Melinda from foko tamatave . I live here in tamatave only for my study . And I’m also BUEC’s member . Now , we are in dry ana humid seasons ; so it’s a time forhometown2 lying on the beach. also dry season is the fruit time . we can taste many kinds of fruit here hometown12in my hometown such as a litchi; mangoes ; and later oranges .Indeed clove wich is the most common famous agricultural product here in my hometown . I used to be ready at that date . Most of festivity event are taked place on dry and humid seasons . There is a show every weekend because everybody can get a money from cloves .My hometown also has a very wonderful beach for having fun but unfortrinately it is not clean enough yet. Here we are from Imorona North Mananara .



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dscn1274Freedom is the right to do or say what you want without anyone stopping you: freedom of speach ,freedom of thought ,freedom of expression ,freedom of information. The state of being able to do what you want : freedom of action , choise

In madagascar , freedom is found by two ways : it is not only a right ,but also a privilege .In Madagascar ,freedom is very complicated .Madagascar was a french colony from 1896 to 1946 ;after that a territory of the French communoty , an autonomies Republic in 1958 and since 1960 has been a completely independent and sovervign country .

During the colonisation ,Malagasy people didn’t know freedoms .Since our independence , in 1960, we start have our right in general .

Some of us said that freedom exists butand not. the gouvernment try to convince that freedom exists but it does not give much right about freedom of speach . The gouvernment doesn’t emforce the laws as well as it would be .Some members said that Madagascar does npot have economie freedom .It still depend on the inbtermational trade .Some other said that freedom is limited because there is a law .pressfreedom1

In our country , few people have privileges in life . They can’t satisfy their desire . They cannot travel , live perfectly and educated . But laws are needed to preserve the freedom in order to avoid the strongest power .

In another hand , freedom exists in Madagascar ; we live in a democratic country . Everyone can elect by vote . We have a constitution a parliament , a senate . So , compared with the time of colonisation , we have freedom now ? All citizens are in the same level . One member accuses the authority to block the freedom because even the wages are affected by taxes . All in all ,we never know such as serious war.


New Clairesttuburn

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After having a lots of month out of connection, now I’m back again, and I won’t ne’er miss foko event. Dears friends, it’s not because I don’t like to blog but I was really busy of my exam, and now I’m completly free, because I’m succed my exam. So you guyz understand me very well. So let’s have fine together. Look at this picture, I’m not like, I was sttuburn before. COME ON guyz



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It is originally a custom in wich a boy becomes a man , but for pratical reasons, in the Madagascar of to day, it is practised already with boys of very young age (two to three years on the high plateau) .

It is practised during the dry and cold season. Depending on the family and the tribe, people go to the doctor or still celebrate it following the tradition such as Sambatra in Mananjary (east cost )

The circumcision is usually celebrated with a family party . If you see a parade along the street with people carrying sugarcanes , banana leaves and a Malagasy flag ; this usually is a circumcision party.